The history of many of the branches of the Groocock, Grewcock and Grocock families can be traced back to the 16th and 17th centuries. The origins of the surnames Grewcock, Grocock, Growcock Groocock and similar variants are mostly in Leicestershire and the surrounding counties while Grocott and variants are of West Midlands origins.


Whetstone Grewcock

Early Grococke wills at Barkestone le Vale indicate that many of the Grocock and Growcock families originated from this and nearby villages in the north of the county. Similarly the Groocock families are to be found during the 16th century in and near the villages of the Langtons and Broughton Astley in the south of the Leicestershire. The Grewcock variation cropped up occasionally pre 1750 but almost all the individuals with this surname can trace their ancestry back to William Groocock who married Sarah Turville at Barwell in 1734. The vicar spelt the name in the register with what looks like an ‘ew’ instead of a ‘oo’ and this then persisted in that branch of the family which now outnumbers practically all those with other variant spellings.

In 1999 Turi King, a researcher at Leicester University who was able later to confirm that the bones found under a Leicester car park were those of Richard III, carried out a genetic profiling of selected surnames and confirmed that about 70% of the Groococks and Grewcocks had a common male ancestor which confirmed the Barwell link between the two families. Her researches did not however show any connection with any of the other variants except some of the Australian Grocotts where it was known that descendants of Francis Groocock who migrated there in the mid 1800s, changed the name to Grocott after a generation or two.

A series of books have now been published about the history of these families, the first of which was published in 1976 by Allan Grocott of Cootamundra, New South Wales. He was a descendant of the above mentioned Francis Groocock and had documented personal family evidence to link Francis to the Groococks who were living in Husbands Bosworth in south Leicestershire in the early and mid 1800s. Using data listed in the Mormon published International Genealogical Index and further researches provided by commercial family history investigators Heenan and Mount, he was able to trace the family back to John Groococke who was farming in the small village of Broughton Astley also in south Leicestershire in the mid-1500s.

In 1984 Allan Grocott contacted Norman Groocock who was born in Leicester and from then to the present an incredible amount of information has been collected about the Groocock, Grocock, Growcock and Grewcock families all over the world with the help of many other family members. Much of these data have been published in the books described on this website.

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